What To Look For In Bedroom Sets

What To Look For In Bedroom Sets

When shopping for bedroom sets, it is important to first consider the available space in the bedroom before choosing which pieces to purchase. Some five-piece bedroom sets sold today come with just one dresser and the addition of just a small chest. This set is highly sought after for people with a large number of clothes which needs more storage and drawer space. It can also be chosen for smaller bedrooms with just one sleeper, removing the need for another dresser.

Bedroom sets without nightstands or chests are more flexible for those with smaller bedroom sets. However, some prefer to have nightstands and chests for more style and functionality. Many manufacturers offer both nightstands and chests as standard in their furniture collections, so the customer does not have to look very hard to find matching pieces. Some bedroom sets include matching headboards, footboards, armoires or vanities, but these add functionality as well as beauty. They are also available in wood, metal, tempered glass and wrought iron.

The majority of bedroom sets available incorporate drawers in one or both sides. These are either solid wood or painted white and can be paired with bed frames in carved designs or traditional scrollwork. One of the most popular drawer options to integrate is a mirrored drawer, which can create a stunning reflection of one’s furniture while acting as a storage center. The styles of mirror frames vary widely, from antique to modern. For the most elegant results, a two-sided frame featuring intricate scrollwork is often included. Other styles incorporate antiques with a European feel.

The traditional style of a king bedroom set usually includes a dressing table, chest of drawers and mirror frame. The chest of drawers often has three or four drawers, which accommodate clothing of differing sizes. Bedroom sets are available in both traditional styles, which feature a graceful design, to contemporary designs that incorporate geometric shapes.

One area where these pieces often do not fit together is the nightstand. Most master bedroom sets do not include a nightstand at all and instead incorporate an ornate table such as a rectangular or oval shaped one. If a traditional piece is not included with the set, many retailers offer a unique option. Nightstands come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Some are made of glass and stone, while others are made of wood. An oval or rectangular shaped nightstand is among the most common, but some are shaped like a map, a heart or even a butterfly.

One of the more common uses for bedroom sets is creating a children’s area. A great way to ensure children’s safety while also creating an atmosphere of coziness in the home is to include a nightstand or desk with a drawer. Many furniture pieces feature built-in nightstands, allowing the nightstand itself to act as a place to store items. These furniture pieces also make great options for high chairs.