Kitchen New Design Trends

Kitchen New Design Trends

When renovating your kitchen, incorporate these current design trends. Not only will this give your space an updated aesthetic, but it’ll also keep it functional.

Designers are increasingly drawing inspiration from jewelry to add visual interest to cabinetry and drawers. Think burnished wire mesh cupboard doors with diamond-cut brass handles.


When selecting paint colors for your kitchen, there is an endless range of choices. From white to gray, green, blue, red or yellow – there’s sure to be a shade that perfectly expresses both your personality and interior design style.

Designers are anticipating a surge in green cabinetry this year. Whether you choose a forest-inspired hue or something lighter mint, green is an excellent choice that will add depth and character to your space.

Another trend that’s taking off is mixed-material cabinets. This is an excellent chance to make a statement without breaking the bank.

This color combination has become a modern classic and can be seen in numerous settings from living rooms to bedrooms. It’s not too heavy or overwhelming, and it pairs well with many other hues.


Backsplashes not only add visual interest to a kitchen, but they also protect walls from damage and stains. When designing your new kitchen layout, take into account which backsplash type you’ll use.

Wood as a backsplash is an age-old choice and can provide your kitchen with an aged aesthetic. It offers more of a natural feel than other materials and comes in various shades and types to fit any style perfectly.

However, it’s essential to select a type of wood which resists stains and moisture. Furthermore, as wood can pose a fire risk, avoid installing it around your hobs.

Marble is a popular backsplash material due to its eye-catching appeal and unique beauty. It can be used as either slabs or tiles, offering various color options and veining patterns to choose from depending on your aesthetic. Plus, marble offers great budget-friendly benefits too – ideal for budget-conscious homeowners!


When designing a kitchen renovation, countertops are an essential factor that can significantly alter its aesthetic. Not only do these stylish surfaces serve as the focal point of the room, but they should also be durable enough to withstand daily usage.

Selecting the ideal material for a countertop is essential to making it look good and provide lasting performance. Since there are various materials used in countertops, research each option thoroughly to find one suitable for your requirements.

Popular countertop choices include granite, quartz and marble; however, there is also a wide range of other surfacing materials to choose from such as bamboo, zinc and stainless steel. While these unique choices may appeal to those seeking something special in their kitchens, they may not be suitable for everyone.


Lighting is an integral factor when redesigning a space, as it significantly impacts your mood and how productively you work within it.

Lighting plays an integral role in creating the desired look of your kitchen. Soft illumination creates a cozy or sophisticated atmosphere.

For optimal kitchen lighting design, include ambient, task and accent lighting. The latter will draw attention to an eye-catching feature of the room and can be combined with ambient lights to change their tone or intensity.

Selecting the ideal light bulbs is also key to creating a successful lighting design. For instance, warm white bulbs create a softer tone than brighter hues.

Maintaining an interesting kitchen light scheme is a great way to connect it with other areas of your home. For instance, adding a pendant light with an eccentric shape will bring some personality into the space.

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