How to Make Your Home Kitchen More Inviting

How to Make Your Home Kitchen More Inviting

To make your home kitchen more inviting, consider adding pendant lights. Pendant lights are best placed above kitchen work areas. Avoid placing them over appliances that have built-in lighting. Mount them at least two feet above the surface. You can also mix and match your pendants, but be sure to keep a uniform design and tone throughout your space. Use different shades of the same color for pendant lights to create an interesting look. Also, make sure you choose the correct fixtures for your space, as you will need plenty of lighting for a modern kitchen.

Select lighting that has multiple functions. Some fixtures have multiple functions, such as task lighting, so a central light source is not the best option. Others are more flexible, such as wall lights or washers, which can be controlled independently. Then, you can easily switch them to different levels and create different moods. Consider adding uplighters on top of your kitchen cabinets to improve general lighting. The advantage of this kind of lighting is that it does not take as much electricity, which is a plus when remodeling.

Under-cabinet lighting is another type of lighting that is great for the kitchen. These fixtures give you task lighting in the prep area and provide illumination for searching. You can also install in-cabinet lighting to highlight collections and objects in your cabinets. And remember to choose dimmer switches on all your light fixtures. If you’re unsure about which fixtures will work best in your kitchen, consult a lighting expert. When remodeling your kitchen, make sure to consider the layout of your home, including where you will place your cabinets, and where you will place them.

Whether you’re a traditionalist or a modernist, kitchen lighting can make the space feel more welcoming. Incorporate vintage elements for a more eclectic look. A gilded chandelier and a printed tiled backsplash can be a great way to make a statement. Pendants and sconces are the most common styles for kitchen lighting. Table lamps can be placed on counters or shelves for added illumination. In this way, you can highlight artwork and showcase your style while saving counter space.

Ambient lighting can be as dramatic as a chandelier or as modern as a spot pendant. Or you can opt for funky, recycled wine bottle light fixtures. Choose one that complements the decor and the mood of your home. If you’re in the mood for fun and bright colors, you can use a drum-shaped light that matches the fabric in your room. They’re a great way to add a splash of color to your kitchen, and are ideal for illuminating your workspace.

Recessed lights are another great option for your kitchen. They’re almost inconspicuous, and can be installed in just about any location. They’re ideal for areas that need ambient lighting, and can also be installed over the kitchen sink. Flush mount or hanging lights can also be placed above the kitchen sink to add more ambience. And don’t forget about under cabinet lighting. Under cabinet lighting adds style and functionality to any kitchen space.

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