House Garden Ideas

House Garden Ideas

Beautifully situated upon a gently sloping, landscaped site at the rolling hills of Litchfield County, tucked between the brook trout streams in the scenic rolling hills of Connecticut, is the beautiful garden called The House Garden. John Hollister was an American native who settled here in the 1800s and worked first as a gardener of vegetables before turning his hand to the design and creation of this garden. The beautiful garden is still maintained today by his family. A fascinating fact about this garden is that it is one of the only public gardens in Connecticut to have been founded, built and redesigned by a woman.

This is no ordinary garden. The design of the house combines different styles of architecture to create an atmosphere of harmony and intimacy. Every flower that blooms in this garden owes its existence to the hard work of Mr. and Mrs. Hollister. These husband and wife team started designing and creating this masterpiece almost fifty years ago and they are still at work on it today.

The house garden consists of three parts – the paving, the flower bedding and the plants. The designs and colors are very carefully planned and then executed. The purpose of using plants for the house garden was to give a soothing effect. The flowers can be used to create an illusion of adding more space to the garden when more people visit. The colors, on the other hand, create a very natural and peaceful atmosphere in the garden. The plants chosen are those with striking leaves and shades such as blues, reds and greens.

Each plant has its own purpose. As for example, among the many plants used in the house garden are the California poppy and the California blue flower. In order to protect the fragile flowers from animals and insects, special netting is used. The house garden can be designed in such a way that there is a direct way leading to the garage or the door. This way, the garden does not look messy or disorderly.

Another reason why homeowners love their house gardens is that they provide privacy. There are no vehicles parked outside which cause noise to be heard. The wind also does not blow too hard which makes it pleasant for the residents of the house. Lastly, the presence of kids and pets in the backyard is prevented since they do not disturb the residents.

If you want to have your own house garden but you are too busy to do the designing, then you need not worry. There are a lot of garden design software programs out there which you can download online. All you need to do is to explore and search for the one that will suit your taste and style. If you prefer to make things easy for yourself, then you can hire a home landscaper to do all the heavy work such as planting trees and the rest of the design.