Furniture Kitchen – Cabinets, Counters and Islands

Furniture Kitchen – Cabinets, Counters and Islands

Kitchen furniture sets the theme for any home’s kitchen and includes cabinets, counters and islands. Cabinets serve as containers to store or display items* in various forms or sizes and may even be freestanding or fitted into cabinets for easy storage and access.

Popular among large open spaces is a multifunctional dining table that doubles as an effective partition. This design is both stylish and unassuming.


Kitchen cabinets provide storage for tableware, pots and pans, food items and other kitchen equipment. These units may be built-in or freestanding and usually situated next to a work surface; doors may open to reveal drawers or shelves which allow access to these essential kitchen necessities; they may even come equipped with special units that reduce space wastage.

Cabinets are built from wood materials such as Boiling Water Resistant plywood for their basic skeleton. Frame and face frame construction methods may be utilized with concealed or exposed hinges depending on user preference.

Base cabinets typically measure 24 inches deep and 34+1/2 inches in height to fit underneath a countertop surface. Some base cabinets sit atop an extended toe kick or skirting which increases their height to around 32 inches.


Countertops must withstand the demands of family life while providing an efficient work surface, so choose a hardwearing material such as timber or granite, as well as new alternatives like warm copper and glossy porcelain along with unexpected edging such as stacked and bullnose.

Laminate flooring is an impressively hardwearing material, boasting designs ranging from retro diner aesthetics to faux stone and wood surfaces. However, without proper care it can quickly show signs of scratches and water damage.

Marble requires periodic sealing for durability and to maintain its beauty; soapstone is another soft natural choice that needs regular oiling to stay looking its best. For a hard-wearing option that resists scratches and heat, engineered quartz or solid surface materials like Caesarstone or Silestone offer hardy yet stain-resistant options while being easy to maintain, stain-proof, mold resistant and mildew free – mix-and-match different countertop surfaces to add subtle contrast between modern rustic designs with stainless steel sink areas for example.


Islands can serve as the centerpiece of a furniture kitchen, acting not only as extra counter space but also providing dining and socializing areas, food prep surfaces, storage solutions for kitchenware display purposes and much more.

While rectangular islands are the norm, more sculptural and unexpected options such as circular islands may also make an impressionful statement about your style and taste. Furthermore, adding seating like bar stools or chairs is another great way to make the island inviting for entertaining and mealtimes alike.

Designers advise leaving one meter of walkway space on either side of your island to ensure everyone can easily move around it. Installing a second sink is another effective way to streamline mealtime and cooking by eliminating the need to rinse dishes in your main sink which may result in water spillage on your floor. For an aesthetically pleasing appearance consider opting for patterned backsplash tiles – Shea McGee from Finding Lovely uses one with a chevron pattern on her island!


Freestanding furniture provides your kitchen with greater flexibility than fitted cabinets do, enabling you to add or reposition units as your family expands and the layout shifts accordingly.

For an authentic country style, an old butcher’s block makes an excellent table and workspace, which pairs perfectly with tall bar stools for added aesthetic value. Furthermore, this central unit creates an inviting ambience within open-plan kitchens by connecting different areas while serving as a focal point.

Freestanding furniture offers another advantage over fitted pieces: installation is much simpler. This saves both time and money as there’s no waiting for a fitter, as well as making moving home much simpler. Just remember that furniture with an elevated center of gravity may tip over unsecure.

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