Center Table For Living Room

Center Table For Living Room

Center tables (also referred to as coffee tables) are essential components of any living room, acting both functionally and aesthetically in the space. From books and vases, to decorations like potted plants or sculptures – center tables play an essential part in adding visual interest while serving multiple functions simultaneously.

Selecting a center table can be challenging! Here are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing new one.

Choosing the right material

Center tables (also called coffee tables) are an integral component of living rooms. Their many purposes range from providing space to rest your feet to hosting decor displays and being an easily-accessible spot for magazines and remote controls. An ideal table should provide adequate support while still looking good with sofa sets and other furnishings in the room.

Selecting a design that complements your interior style is also of great importance; geometric tables work best in contemporary spaces while wooden or rustic styles suit traditional homes.

Try playing around with different shapes of tables to add interest. An octagonal table works particularly well when used with slim sofa sets while round or oval centre tables can add the illusion of larger rooms by helping to make them seem larger. A visually balanced center table should measure two-thirds the length of your focal sofa seating to ensure visually proportioned appearance.


Center tables are the focal point of any living room, and serve multiple functions like footrest, place to store decorative pieces, and trays of food or drinks.

Selecting an ideal size center table is essential to creating the desired look and atmosphere in any living room. It should be slightly smaller than your sofa, while providing enough storage space for both functional and decorative objects.

Make the most out of your living room centre table selection by opting for one with storage capabilities to hide items out of sight and out of mind. Look for tables with hidden compartments or drawers designed for holding decorative vases, books and other decorative items – ideal for contemporary-themed living rooms. Or go for one like Medora which brings drama and character into any decor with its dramatic yet elegant structure that’s sure to add personality and drama!


Center tables are essential pieces in any living room. A center table should be the right size to support coffee mugs, snacks plates, books or newspapers and decorative pieces while remaining sturdy and complimenting the overall design of your living space.

Coffee tables come in all sorts of shapes – circular, oval and rectangular are some of your options – that can either echo the lines of your sofa or add geometric contrast to your living room decor.

Coffee tables offering extra storage can also help free up space in your living room while providing easy access to daily essentials. These tables usually feature a spacious top surface and partitioned lower shelf – ideal for keeping clutter at bay!


Center tables offer plenty of opportunity for decorative flourish. They make the ideal place to display an assortment of sizes and textures–think eclectic colorful vases, sculptural bookends and stoneware trays–in an eye-catching display. If you prefer more functionality in your table design, choose one with storage or seating as part of its structure.

Many coffee tables feature lower shelves designed to store books and remote controls while leaving the top free for coffee mugs. Others may feature more discreet storage areas, like drawers or less obvious spaces that provide space to stash board games or other entertainment items.

If you want a bit of visual control over the clutter in your living room, consider opting for a modular wooden coffee table with spacious storage compartments. These clever pieces will keep all your leisure essentials tucked neatly away while clearing away excess furniture from your space.

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