Can’t Get Your Kids Ready For Bed?  Try a White Dresser

Can’t Get Your Kids Ready For Bed? Try a White Dresser

White dressers and chests will be the go-tos for the new year. Your wardrobe will need a massive overhaul. You can start by pulling out the most used items in your bedroom: your nightstands, dresser, chests, etc. Then bring them up to date with a white furniture update. The versatile item will quickly become your go-to furniture, chair, bed, and many more.

Your bed linen is another must in every woman’s bedroom. It’s time to replace your old, worn, and tattered bed linen with new, classy looking contemporary bed linens in stunning white. You will also want to bring out the vintage accessories in your bedroom as well, such as your lace or floral bed covers, your old-fashioned hangers, and your old-time vases and picture frames. Your white bedroom dressers and chest of drawers will be your best friends for decades to come.

As far as color goes, you’ll want to keep the headings and colors of your current bedroom dresser in mind. If you love modern styling, then it might be time to purchase a modern looking headboard. Or maybe you like a vintage inspired look, then a vintage styled dresser is ideal for your space. Don’t forget that white is one of the most popular colors today, so you can always choose to add other bold accent colors to the room. Your bedroom dresser and its accompanying drawers can be transformed into a bold focal point in the room for a fraction of what it cost to buy those outdated dressers!

You can even transform smaller dressers into great-looking, ultra-chic bedroom dressers. For instance, you can purchase an antique white dresser and then update it with chic accessories. Purchase a new top and bottom, as well as add coordinating accent pieces and drawer pulls. You can use this same dresser as the perfect hostess dresser for your guest’s clothes. Since most smaller drawers are only a few inches wide, you can easily take advantage of this feature to utilize the space for other items, such as linens.

You can even get it as soon as tomorrow, oct 25th, by purchasing a free personalized dresser! Personalize any standard white dresser, but you can add some fun accessories to really personalize it for you! You can purchase an elaborate hairpin or even a monogrammed mirror, which will add the finishing touches to your room!

You’ll also want to consider your budget. White dressers make great focal points, but they can cost as much as a king sized bed! So if you have a small budget, you’ll still be able to find a great looking white dresser to adorn your home. Just don’t settle for anything less than the “best” dresser that you can afford.